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Waku Waku Mahjongg Panic

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Gameplay Tipps
Most of the tile sets is made up of 144 tiles - there are 136 matching tiles and 4 Flower tiles and 4 Season tiles. The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles from the layout. Click on any 2 matching tiles to remove them from the board. A tile can only be clicked if its left or right edge is exposed and no tiles are covering any part of the tile.

The actual tiles will vary depending on the tile set you have selected, but each set maintains the same groups and relationships. Keep in mind that flower and season tiles don't match exactly!

Random Hints:
Just because two tiles have the same number on them doesn't mean they will match. Work from the top down and outside in. Watch for similar themes between tiles.

Use the tile preview window (if available) to help identify which tile you have selected. It will help you to find its match. Click Undo (if available) to take back a move you decide against. You can undo as many moves as you like.

The bonus timer (if available) is ticking off points as you play. Work fast to clear the board to earn as many bonus points as you can.

For information on how to play the japanese version of mahjong you may want to look here.

Autor: Team
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