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Rumble Race Downtown

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Drift Tipps
Drifting is sliding a car through a corner with the rear of the car drifting out to create the slide. Front engine rear drive cars are the best cars for drifting, which allow you to use the brake in concert with the throttle to help create the drift. To setup a car for a drift you should approach the corner as fast as possible. Just before the corner, you must apply the brake, shift down and turn the car into the corner. You want to turn the car hard enough to get the rear of the car to start to slide. As the car starts to slide, counter steer, let off on the brake and apply the throttle. You want the rear wheels of the car to spin, which keeps the car moving forward and the counter steer pushes the car through the corner. Use the hand brake, to start the slide, applying the hand brake just as you enter the corner.

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